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Steam cleaning, it is what virtually all carpet manufacturers recommend.

No, a carpet steam cleaning service completed properly in itself will NOT cause mold nor raise your risks for mold. In fact, laboratory testing has proven, steam cleaning removes more contaminates, allergens, and microbials than any other carpet cleaning method - which is why carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning.

Annual cleanings are recommended for your average households. We do not recommend waiting any longer than 18 months at most.

Soils are contaminates that are held on the outside of the fibers by oils. Steam cleaning easily corrects soils. Stains are contaminates that have penetrated the fibers and are inside them (think of getting your hair colored). Though stains can be corrected - they can require very specialized services to correct without damaging your carpet.

We can correct any carpet stains where the fibers have not been damaged. Kool-aide, marker, paint, ink, wine, coffee, dye, wax...... even nail polish!

No. Internet do it yourself methods in most cases instruct you to use and mix chemicals which can not only be dangerous, but in most cases you can set the stain, making it more complicated to correct, and actually cost yourself a lot more money in the end.

Yes, in almost all cases we can extract the urine oils from the pad and deodorize it without having to replace the carpet or pad.

In most cases we can virtually eliminate traffic patterns due to soil with our rotovac powerwands. These wands also de-mat the fibers, so they won't have a crushed / lower appearance. Some traffic patterns are from wear. Abrasions on the fibers will refract light differently giving a gray appearance. We have options to correct this with a special tinted polymer that coats the fibers. Very similar to polishing a scratch from a cars paint.

This means the carpet cleaning machine is mounted in the van. It is usually stated so that customers will know it is not an electric steam cleaning machine which can't clean as well.

No. Truckmounts are not created equal - they all offer different levels of performance. Older and or smaller truckmounts can actually be less effective than electric portable units. When seeking a steam cleaning company, you want to find one whose equipment is up to date (within 1-3 years old), and uses at least a #4 blower (vacuum), with at least a 3 cylinder engine (heat) for maximum results. Our equipment is CRI (carpet & Rug Institute) tested and approved. It meets their stringent performance requirements!

This almost always indicates that you have contaminates in your carpet padding which is wicking back to the surface (spill guard and pet guard padding will still hold contaminates). This can be fixed in almost all cases with our subsurface extraction services.

In most cases, rapid resoiling is due to residual cleaning agents left in a carpet from previous cleanings. People that clean their own carpets with home steam cleaners and rented cleaning equipment usually have this issue as those steam cleaners make up for the lack of heat and suction with stronger cleaning chemicals. These stronger chemicals do not neutralize, and leave a high pH residue that attracts soil. This condition can be corrected with our corrective steam cleaning process.

There are two main reasons for loss of cleanability. 1. Your carpets could have been cleaned improperly at some point. If they were cleaned with a chemical over 9.5 pH, the factory Scotchguard was compromised. It is why proper cleaning chemistry is so important. 2. Age. A carpets ability to release soil when cleaned reduces as they age. A 1 year old carpet will release much more soil than a carpet that is 10 years old. This is due to the factory protectants being worn away over time. Re-applying professional grade Scotchguard protectants after each cleaning will increase your carpets ability to release more soils upon future cleanings.

This is filtration soil. As air exchanges from inside the walls to the rooms, the carpet filters out the dust. It can be corrected, however requires specialized services.

The largest air filter in your home, is your carpeting. It holds all of the airborne contaminates: microbials, pollen, dander, and mites, as they settle. Cleaning your carpets frequently is the single best way to improve indoor air quality - MUCH better than cleaning your air ducts (unless your ducts are severely contaminated which is rare).

Yes, soil abrases (scratches) your carpet fibers. The more you have, and the longer it is left in your carpet, the faster the fibers will wear and break down.

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