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Emergency Water Damage Help Indianapolis

by / Monday, 16 November 2015 / Published in Water Damage Restoration Indianapolis
Indianapolis emergency water damage help

Finding emergency water damage help Indianapolis can be a stressful and long process.

There are certain types of Indianapolis water damage losses that in virtually all cases, standard homeowners insurance should cover, such as:

Water damage from broken or frozen pipes or failed hot water heaters. Water losses due to broken appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers, or ice makers. Water damage from toilet overflows or a broken fill reservoirs. Even water damages caused by leaking hvac condensate pipes should be covered under your average policy. There is one exception, failed sump pumps, which we will cover in just a few minutes.

In a nutshell, if your water damage or flood was caused by a pipe that is broken or has failed, or an appliance that has malfunctioned – 99% of standard homeowners coverage’s should cover your loss.

Also typically covered are water damages and flooding cause by clogged drains. In most cases coverage is not a problem as long as the “clog” that caused the water damage is between the drain itself, and the street connection to the sanitary sewer. There are variables from policy to policy however in most cases, standard policies offer you coverage.

You should also have coverage’s built into most water damages caused by ice. Water damages caused by ice damming in your gutters and shingles, as well as from a roof that has failed and leaked into your home. Even flooding and water damage that you may have caused accidentally, such as overfilling a sink, or bathtub will be covered under most standard policies.

If your water damage was caused by any of the above, and you are having issues with coverage – we may be able to help. Call our offices to make an appointment to discuss your specific needs. We will be happy to help you fight an insurer that is wrongfully declining coverage.

In regards to water damage caused by failed sump pumps – in most cases, you do require specific insurances to cover water damage caused by this water source. In most cases, if you do not have these specific coverage’s, you will not find any luck in getting it covered within your policy. Only in rare cases where when someone transferred to a new company and it was an oversight of their insurance agent to add it – can you successfully gain coverage after the fact.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR YOUR WATER DAMAGE – before you contract with an unlicensed and/or non-certified firm – contact us. We are the ONLY emergency water damage service provider in the greater Indianapolis area that offers a program for non-insured water loss victims. Call for full program details.

Also, All Pro provides emergency water damage help Indianapolis for all types and categories of water damage and flooding. We work with all insurers! We speak their language, and we even use the exact same software they use to generate estimates.

CALL or CONTACT ALL PRO NOW for immediate, 24/7 assistance. If you are on a mobile device, simply click the call button at the bottom of your screen.