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Fast Track Timeline

Our fast track process can shave MONTHS off your fire restoration project.

We very commonly get calls from homeowners who are frustrated with the timeline their current restoration company is following. We have seen projects that could and should have been completed in 2-3 weeks take 4-5 months, and major losses that should have taken 3-4 months take near a year or longer.

Nobody wants to spend that long living the hotel life. Though it sounds great and usually is (for the first week or so), being in a sense “homeless” for a long duration is one of the most difficult aspects of a fire loss.

We all see new homes going from a hole in the ground – to a finished product in as little as 4 months…. why should a fire restoration take 2 times that long or longer?

Payment delays and red tape is why.


How do we get it done faster?

The largest amount of wasted time comes from insurers slow paying. When you use your insurers “suggested” service provider – you do not have an advocate to speed that process up. They will delay work to meet the sluggish payout time tables the insurers typically work with. They won’t just roll their sleeves up and “get the job done” because that in itself won’t speed up the insurer and they’ll have the work done and have to wait on the money – which means they have out of pocket costs sitting on the table for months – and they just won’t do that.

Only getting the work done, billing, and then assessing late fees will ensure time is not wasted solely due to slow pay insurers, (which they won’t do because ultimately, the insurer will stop “referring them work”).

That will not fly with our firm. We get the work completed within very acceptable timelines, and when it is time to be paid – we get paid – because neither the insurer or the mortgage company want to be on the hook for late fees (as they are considerable on projects these large).

We are not the insurance or mortgage companies “yes man” – we are your advocate. Our interests are solely to complete what needs to be completed – within acceptable timelines – and make sure you, our customer is 100% satisfied with the end result!