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Fire Damage FAQs

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Yes - we are able to work with and accept payments from any insurance provider.

No - every fire is very different. Every home contains different materials that will all burn differently and create different types of smoke and ash - which will create different cleaning challenges.

You home requires structural cleaning and deodorization, we have the training, experience, and equipment to completely eliminate all odors from your home!

We do not recommend untrained persons clean or deodorize any size or type of fire until a FSRT certified professional has at least diagnosed a fire loss. Some smoke ash and residues contain carcinogens, and some can even support biological hazards.

No. We are able to handle every facet of your needs. From securing the home, to drying, to decontamination, even the rebuild process can be completed by All Pro Professionals.

This depends on the nature and extent of the fire and smoke damage. Sometimes everything can be cleaned on site, and other times everything must be placed in storage vaults and cleaned at our facility.

We are very well trained, and are able to identify items that can be cleaned and decontaminated to safe standards, and which must be simply replaced.

Yes. Homes that have experienced a fire have a high rate of robbery. Thieves know there are likely items they can salvage and sell. We know how to properly secure your home to minimize break in risks.

No. You can use whoever you choose. In fact - it is illegal for your insurer to force you to use "their" company. They sometimes will try many ways to make you use them, such as telling you that you won't have a warranty, etc - it is all a game played to get you to use their service provider so they can control expenses. Which is NOT in your interest!

We do not recommend this situation. It can be a very bad conflict of interest. That company gets work from the insurer - they will follow the insurers desires first and foremost. Those desires always revolve around one thing...... saving them money. They have the insurers interests in mind before your best interests - as that is who sends them work. We HIGHLY recommend you choose your own company, even if it is not us - find your own certified, licensed, and bonded restoration company.

This depends on the nature and extent of the water, fire, and smoke damage. Timelines can take just a few days for minor fire and smoke damages, to a few months if there was extensive structural damage. However - we typically complete the same work your insurer's "preferred service provider" will - but in half the time - because we will keep your insurer in motion - we won't let them delay the rebuild process to keep that insurance payout in their account just a little longer!

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