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Understanding Our Process

Nothing is more devastating than a loss from fire. The rebuilding process can be just as daunting of an experience if you didn’t choose the right firm to complete the repairs.

Due to the unique behavior of smoke – the complexity of fire damage demands nothing less than a fire restoration certified company with properly trained and certified technicians to make the repairs.

The All Pro Fast Track Timeline


Securing Your PropertyA very important first step is to secure the structure. We offer 24 hr emergency service providing; roof temps / tarping, wall temps, board ups, and fence installations. Wall and or roof tarping is important prevent any further damage from the elements between the day of loss until the first day work begins. Boarding up windows and doors not only protects the contents in your home, (fire damaged homes are common and easy targets for thieves), but it also protects you from a liability standpoint by eliminating curious folks from entering, getting hurt, and suing you know who - yes - you!


Debris Removal Deodorization & DryingAll non-salvageable materials and contents are removed from the structure immediately. This first step removes contaminated items that are further advancing and setting in odors within your home.

Though the deodorization process will be happening throughout all projects, we prefer to begin the deodorization process immediately. By employing specific odor counteractants and pairing agents immediately, we enjoy a much more thorough and complete odor control throughout all projects.

Your home and its contents may have been exposed to massive amounts of water. Our water damage department begins drying immediately in order to salvage as much as possible, as well as minimize pathogen and microbial (mold) risks.


Contents RestorationContents are the next step on major fire losses. On major fire losses, they must be removed from your home and processed (cleaned and decontaminated) offsite, the latter is called a pack-out. All items are photographed, inventoried, and packaged in storage vaults. They are then taken to our facility to be processed. After processing your contents, they will be available for inspection, and then packed again in clean vaults where they will be stored until your home is complete and move in ready.


Structural RepairsWe have removed all debris, properly dried everything, have your contents being processed at our facility, and deodorization has been going on for a few days now as well - it is now time for the repairs to your structure. All major items such as roofs and exterior and interior supportive walls are repaired first, and from there the rebuild process would progress just as any "new construction" would.

This is where the bulk of time is spent on most fire restoration projects.


Punch Out Move InThis is the stage where everything is completed, and ready for your final inspection. It is the time where you will inspect and approve the final product. This is the stage where you find out how good your restoration firm really was! If any minor deficiencies are found, they are addressed immediately as we prepare to move you back into your home.

Your contents are delivered and placed.

Your home is yours once again!

Whether you have a small smoke damage from a burnt holiday ham - or a major fire damage to your home - we have the ability to custom tailor a fast track project schedule and get you back into your home faster than any competing firm can!