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Flooded Basement Help Indianapolis

by / Friday, 13 November 2015 / Published in Flood Damage Restoration, Water Damage Restoration Indianapolis
basement flood damage help indianapolis

All Pro Restoration is your go to company for flooded basement help Indianapolis! Here is a helpful guide on flood restoration Indianapolis.

One thing that virtually every one of our customers with flooded basements due to a failed sump pump have in common, is that their water damage could have been avoided totally, or at worst, limited to just a very small water damage.

How you ask?

Simple, a little magical box called a sump pump pit monitor. This little $50 wonder can save you thousands of dollars should your sump pump fail and water fills the pit.

This box is about 2″x3″, has four small metal contacts at its base, and connects to your burglar alarm. It is placed contact side down on your sump pump pit lid. The moment it detects water, (right before it starts flowing into your basement), it sends a signal to your alarm. Your alarm will sound in the home, and your panel will display the sump sensor as being tripped.

Catastrophe averted!

What if you are not home when your basement begins to flood?

Your alarm monitoring company will call you, or the list of friends and family you have provided them.

Now this doesn’t give you a free pass to neglect your sump pump, nor have a back-up sump pump installed – but what it does do is make you aware of the flood as it happens. Many people aren’t in their basements much, and you would be surprised how many people have a basement flood, and don’t know about it for days. It only take s3 days for mold spores to go hyphal (become active).

You may even be able to get a slight discount on your homeowners insurance (specifically the rider that covers water damage / basement flooding) for flooded basement help Indianapolis.


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