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Mold Damage Services

The biggest problem about mold is all of the mis-information available on it. The second largest problem is un-trained firms and individuals providing mold abatement services.

Some molds are not a problem unless they breach a specific level (respective to your baseline counts outside your home). Some molds are not safe at any level, molds considered toxic, or ones that produce mycotoxins.

Testing is the only way to know what types of spores you have, what their counts are within your structure, and if any are hyphal indicating an ongoing and currently advancing issue. Testing also provides the foundation for the required scope of work.

If you suspect you have a problem, we offer third party laboratory analysis of the current air quality in your home, at very reasonable pricing, to determine by scientific measure – if a problem exists.

Understanding Mold
Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

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  • I received 6 different diagnoses from 6 different companies. All Pro was very helpful in informing me about the issues in my home, and even suggested I hire a third party to complete the pre-job testing to eliminate all conflicts of interests. Their diagnosis was the only one even close to what the lab results proved. All Pro did a great job making this process as easy on me and my family as it was possible.

    All Pro Mold Damage Customer
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