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No Insurance, No Problem Program

  1. If you are insured – we work with ALL insurance companies.
  2. If you are not insured or do not have coverage – we are the ONLY firm in Indiana with a payment plan option.

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We work with ALL insurers.

We have provided restoration services for every major insurer in Indiana, as well as hundreds of medium and smaller insurers. Why is it important to choose a company that knows how to provide service to insured losses?

We follow your insurers pricing guidelines so there is never any out of pocket cost above what your insurer will pay.
We use Xactimate software, which is the same project management and billing software over 99% of insurers use.
We are very well versed in how to manage insured losses. We know how to properly document everything so your insurer will have no issues with the work performed.
We know what your insurers responsibilities are, and should they refuse to allow items that your project requires, we know how to get them approved.
Because of all of this - you will have no headaches in dealing with your insurer and adjuster - we know how to properly handle insured projects.

No insurance or coverage - No Problem!

One of the first questions restoration companies will ask is, who is your insurer, or have you verified insurance coverage, or what is your claim number. In many cases, this is because folks with no insurance will either be refused, put on the back burner until all insured claims are completed, or they will handle your needs "differently" (likely not providing full "to standards" services).

On non-insured projects - all restoration companies require 50% down when they start, and final 50% when they are done a few days later. We know very few people have thousands of dollars on hand and are left with little choice but to hire the "cheapest" quote they get.

At All Pro - if you are not insured, your project will have the exact same priority as an insured project, and the services you need will be performed to IICRC standards without cutting corners. You do not have to hire an unqualified company because you do not have the money up front!

We offer no interest to low interest monthly payment plans that are custom tailored to your budget!

So your insurer denied your claim?

Very often we see insurers refuse claims that they absolutely SHOULD be covering. Your policy covers it, but it's in legal jargon you can't find to fight the denial by yourself.

Very few people have the resources to pursue that refusal legally - to fight it. So they walk away and their insurer gets away with not paying a claim they rightfully should have covered. It happens more than you'd think.

All Pro can help. We have an insurance expert on staff that knows property casualty coverage's inside and out. If there is wordage in your policy that provides coverage - we WILL find it. There is no cost for this service, whether we find you coverage or not, it is a complimentary service we offer our customers. Our way of helping folks in need who are possibly being wrongfully denied coverage.