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What Our Customers Say About All Pro!

We create happy and satisfied customers EVERY DAY! Below are is what some of our happy customers have to say about All Pro's services.

Carpet Cleaning

  • I have been in the carpeting business for over 30 years, and currently manage the largest carpet distributor in the state. I still can't believe my eyes - AMAZING SERVICE!

    Mike B.
  • Customer Service is a dying art, you guys haven't lost that touch! 100% perfect job, thanks All Pro!

    Jan M.
  • After having to kick the last company out of my home for doubling the price upon arrival - it was very nice to get it straight before their foot was in my door - honest operation, very professional technicians, and an even better end result.

    Harold S.
  • I have had my carpets cleaned dozens of times before All Pro. This is the best service I have ever used. Their claims about the Rotovac are absolutely accurate, my carpets have not looked this good since they were new!

    Theresa H.
  • I must say I am impressed. I had intended on replacing my carpeting in the next 8-12 months because I didn't think it could be cleaned this well, carpets saved!

    Jessica L.

Water Damage Repair

  • I can't put into words how thankful I am. Their technicians saved even the smallest (however most important) items in my home. Memories I'd otherwise have lost. This is a great company, who truly cares about their customers. The owner spent countless hours helping me fight my insurer who was trying to wiggle from their obligations to cover many things. From start to finish All Pro's service, was simply as good as it gets.

    All Pro Fire Damage Customer

Fire Damage Repair

  • My husband and I were frantic when we came home from vacation to find over a foot of water in our basement from a hot water heater that burst. All Pro had our basement dry and back together in 4 days. Very impressive operation, I'd recommend them to anyone!

    All Pro Water Damage Customer
  • We could not find anyone to help us with a raw sewerage flood in our crawl, nobody seemed to want our job. All Pro was at our door within an hour, had started the work within the next 30 minutes, and even helped us deal with our insurance company every step of the way. You can hire this company with confidence.

    All Pro Water Damage Customer
  • Somehow they managed to save 2 truckloads (over 20 years worth) of dripping wet files at our company after a fire sprinkler broke and rained on them overnight. Files we absolutely had to find a way to save. They were great to work with from beginning to end.

    All Pro Water Damage Customer
  • Hopefully we will never need All Pro again for a water damage, but if we do, they will be who we call. Our insurer had expected them to tear out our drywall from 4 foot down - somehow they dried our basement and only had to remove the trim, needless to say we, and our insurer, were extremely pleased. Thanks All Pro!

    All Pro Water Damage Customer

Mold Damage Repair

  • I received 6 different diagnoses from 6 different companies. All Pro was very helpful in informing me about the issues in my home, and even suggested I hire a third party to complete the pre-job testing to eliminate all conflicts of interests. Their diagnosis was the only one even close to what the lab results proved. All Pro did a great job making this process as easy on me and my family as it was possible.

    All Pro Mold Damage Customer

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