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Water Damage Help Indianapolis

by / Saturday, 14 November 2015 / Published in Water Damage Restoration Indianapolis
indianapolis water damage help

The experts at All Pro Restoration are always ready to offer 24/7 water damage help Indianapolis!

No matter what type or class of water damage or flood water you have to contend with in your home, the most important thing to do is act immediately.

We have seen hundreds of homeowners who have left a water damage or flood in their home sit idle for just one day past “too long” and suffered extreme losses due to their inaction. You can’t turn back the clock – once you have mold from a water damage – it is there, and it has to be dealt with.

How long is too long? That varies and there is no one good answer other than this – the sooner you have excess water extracted and drying equipment in place, the more you will salvage, and the lower your risk of mildew, mold, and pathogens becomes.

Without trying to employ scare tactics – only to be informative:

Your home has mold spores in it – period. All homes do. It is a matter of having unsafe types and levels of these spores. All it takes to reach unsafe types and levels, is a food source, elevated moisture levels, and time. 72 hours to quote the standards. Just about any water damage you experience in your home WILL create an environment conducive to spore activity and mold growth. Even 10 sq feet of wet materials can create enough of a problem to cause extensive mold damage.

“The X10 Rule” Our experience over the last decade has proven what we call the “Times Ten Rule”. If you have a water damage that you do not address properly, that “molds”, the mold abatement costs are typically ten times what the costs of drying it would have been.  A $2500 water damage in a basement is left to mold over – the mold abatement can more than easily reach in excess of $25,000.00

Lastly – your insurance has the right to decline or limit due to “negligence”. What we mean by this is – Your basement floods Thursday, and you don’t want to deal with it until next week. You in reality have caused additional damage/loss by waiting a few days as, water progresses quickly, your walls will literally drink water to the ceiling given enough time. Your insurer can figure the costs of what the damage should have been had you called in a professional immediately, and only pay up to that amount and claim your delay (they’ll call it negligence) caused the additional water damage, in turn you end up paying some of the costs out of pocket.

Water damages in your home need to be addressed just as if it were a patient bleeding. You have to stop the bleeding. Water will progress and cause additional damages. No matter what your actions are – calling a professional or attempting to extract the water and dry it yourself – you must act immediately to minimize your damage and liabilities!

We urge to act immediately and contact All Pro Restoration for water damage help Indianapolis!

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