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What Makes Us Awesome

All Cleaning companies are not created equal. Our processes have been proven over 10 years and more than 500,000 rooms of cleaned, sanitized carpeting! Our firm holds a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating! whyallpro-ftr-kidpic


Our IICRC trained & certified technicians average over 10 years experience each.
Training is our #1 priority. It's why our techs have the ability to correct stain & odor issues with virtually 100% success rates! whyallpro-ftr-equipment


We have the most advanced fleet of truckmounted cleaning systems in the state. We have over $80,000 invested into each of our cleaning vans.
Each van actually has enough power to clean 2 homes at the same time! Nothing will out-perform our units! whyallpro-ftr-education


This is where 99.9% of our competitors fail. They don't know what kind of carpet you have, in turn don't know the best type of cleaner to use. This is where a cleaning firm can literally ruin your carpet. Most firms use solutions above 9.5 pH, which strip the Scotchguard right out of your carpets. They will never clean properly again, and in many cases leave residues which can cause a faster re-soiling.
All pro is a CRI certified firm that uses PROPER chemistry in our cleaning process.

Finding a Trustworthy Carpet Cleaner

Everyone is the best - the safest - the fastest drying........

Everyone is the best - the safest - the fastest drying....... It's all marketing gimmickry in place to try to stand out amongst the crowd. ONE method is recommended by carpet manufacturers - our method - steam cleaning. But don't take our word for this. Google "Shaw carpet cleaning guidelines" - and see what the biggest carpet manufacturer says about carpet cleaning. Here is what they say, word for word - directly from their website: "Shaws choice: Hot water extraction. Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. This system is commonly referred to as "steam cleaning". Please note they make no mention of dry cleaning or foam cleaning - they first and foremost recommend (in fact require) steam cleaning to maintain your warranty. All Pro uses manufacturer recommended steam cleaning methods - we use safe CRI approved chemistry - and our jobs typically dry in 2-3 hours - no games, gimmicks, or trademarked names - just safe manufacturer recommended steam cleaning provided within CRI guidelines!

How a single improper cleaning can literally destroy your carpeting

Any cleaning agent that is over 9.5 pH is not safe and will actually strip the factory protectants right off your carpet. Many carpet cleaners use cleaning agents over 9.5 pH because they either don't know any better, or because it saves them time and money as stronger cleaning agents will give them a better clean with less effort - but your carpets future cleanability will be lost - meaning - they will never clean properly again. The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) tests and approves cleaning agents to meet safe cleaning standards, they also approve carpet cleaning companies that clean within safe and approved standards. Their requirements are extremely rigid. There are only 4 CRI Certified Cleaning Firms in our service area - All Pro is one of them.

When a "deal" turns into a nightmare

Pricing in our industry is plagued with "gotcha" bait and switch tactics. This happens in many ways. Some cleaners will limit room sizes to 150 sq ft, so when they arrive, your living room and great room are actually considered 5 "areas" - you pay more. There are also many cleaners out there that hide the fact that the pricing was for water only, and cleaning agents are an option you have to pay more for...... yes, you read that right, a cleaning coupon.... that doesn't include carpet cleaning agents in the price. Some hide large fuel surcharges, some even charge tax on a service (when there is no Indiana service tax). Sometimes carpets require additional services, and options that cost more are needed - but they should not be hard sold to make up for base pricing that is too low. Lines like "deep scrub" and "corrective cleaning" can indicate your price will increase when they arrive. At All Pro Carpet Cleaning, you will know about all costs up front, prior to your setting your cleaning appointment.

BOO! Steam cleaning causes mold?!?!? Are you scared?

Well that is news to us - we not only have safely steam cleaned over 500,000 rooms of carpeting in the greater Indianapolis area - but we are also a mold abatement firm. In 10 years we have never been asked to quote a mold damage that was caused by steam cleaning. Not once! The single biggest lie purported in our industry has been dry carpet cleaning companies stating steam cleaning is dangerous and promotes mold growth. We find it humorous that one of the largest "dry cleaning" companies in the US, in fact now uses water...... yes, everything in their advertising implies safer "dry" cleaning, yet they in fact use the exact same water based extraction truckmounts to clean with as steam cleaning companies use...... with guess what running through them....... you guessed it - water! There are many steam cleaning alternatives, and some have their place in the market - it is not in our opinion in the residential carpet cleaning market. If it were the best most thorough option - carpet manufacturers would first recommend dry cleaning methods - but they don't - they recommend the most thorough method as per their testing - steam cleaning.

"The last cleaning company told me this stain was permanent......."

When we offer stain services in homes - the number one response from our customers is "The last cleaning company told me this stain was permanent". Well - that's what a carpet cleaning company usually says to get their foot in your door when they don't have the knowledge or ability to truly correct stains. Their advertisement stated they offered carpet stain and odor services, when you call in they confirm they offer those services, but when they arrive - they give you the old "it's permanent line". It's the most common way a carpet cleaning firm that has no ability to correct stains, takes work from companies like ours that truly can correct carpet stains and odors. We have over 50 different cleaning agents each designed for specific situations and contaminates. Our techs go through months of training on stains and have the know how to get out virtually any stain you can throw at them. Kool-aid, rust, wine, ink, marker, nail polish, paint, feces, vomit, urine, toner, make-up, blood, grease, tar, gum - you name it - we can correct it!

The proof is in the pudding (especially if the pudding stained your carpets)

We are so sure we are the best we are willing to prove it to you - and so before you spend a dollar. Want proof - we offer free test cleanings in our immediate service area. It's as easy as 1-2-3, Call us, schedule it, see for yourself! Call an All Pro customer service specialist today 317-810-0040